The Adelaar Advantage

Year-round, fully integrated and family-friendly: Adelaar offers unparalleled adventure and exceptional relaxation in the beautiful and easy-to-get-to Upstate New York. Just 90 minutes from New York City and within a four-hour drive of over 40 million potential visitors, Adelaar is positioned to be the premiere any-occasion destination in the tri-state area.


The Experience Explorers

Adelaar is thoughtfully planned for the Experience Explorers. These families and individuals seek out highly engaging and distinctive destinations, and are willing to spend more than 2x the national average on travel. Always curious to try new things, the Experience Explorers are selective but not pretentious; they’re as happy roughing it in the woods as they are in a 4-star hotel or luxury spa. They are educated, professional and affluent, and influencers among their family and friends.

As the only development of its kind in the region, Adelaar takes advantage of the country’s largest metropolitan areas to offer partners a unique opportunity for growth.

Economy. Environment. Experience.

Our work in Sullivan County over the last three years has resulted in a deep understanding of community and environmental needs. The Adelaar team has garnered public approval at every step along the way with the support of the local community.

Adelaar will bring thousands of jobs to the Catskill region — from construction of the site to the operation of its many features and amenities. Our vision is to create opportunities that engage the community and local businesses, driving tourism and investment to the region.

With input and expertise from leading environmental consultants, Adelaar is designed to protect the natural beauty and ecology of the region. In philosophy and practice, Adelaar is committed to minimizing environmental impact and – whenever possible – building with sustainable materials.

For visitors, the Adelaar experience is bolstered by community support and environmental dedication. It’s a distinctly different destination, made possible by our dynamic and dedicated team of partners. Learn more>